Why CrossFit East Orange?

We want to make you a GOAT = Greatest Of All Time

The value we offer is exemplified in our purposeful training philosophy and genuine care for each person. As owners, to achieve the goals we have for the gym and our members, we constantly strive to offer the greatest training, forever expanding our knowledge base and expertise. We too will continue to be students of those that can teach us concepts or methods we have not yet tried or discovered.

We offer class programming as well as additional competitors programming. Both programs are available to all members at no extra charge. All workouts and individual movements are scaled to each athlete’s current abilities and can be adjusted to work around any preexisting injuries.

Anyone looking for a local box is welcome to come check out CrossFit East Orange for a free trial class! To sign up, please GO HERE to reserve your spot and sign a waiver.


“I just managed to run 347 yards at a dead sprint in full gear into a retention pond, then took off all my gear and dove into the retention pond and swam 35 yards to a sinking car where the driver was trapped. I went under 15-23 feet, managed to smash the window in and pull the panicking driver out of the vehicle and swim him up to the surface. I then had to swim him back to land while he was dead weight, complaining that his foot hurts. He wasn’t in any condition to stand, so I fireman carried him out of the water and up the hill of the retention pond; I get halfway where I know he is now safe, and I put him down. Then it hits me, I’m not even winded; still sore from yesterday’s workout – but not gasping or anything. Other units show up and the guy is more winded than me and I did all the work! Everyone thought he pulled himself out because I wasn’t even winded until witnesses told them. So thanks to you guys! Even though in the moment I hate the running and box jumps and burpees, but my butt is getting in better shape every day thanks to you guys.” - CFEO Athlete
“I realized I needed to do something when I stopped buying shoes with laces because I was not able to bend over and tie them anymore! My cousin was always talking about CrossFit and when I saw him after 6 months I couldn’t believe how healthy he looked! I was so afraid of doing CrossFit after seen all the online videos, but still me and my wife decided to just give it a try. I was very happy with the guys at CFEO because even for a beginner like me, the exercises were scaled to my skills… but always pushing my limits a little more every day. When I started I was not able to do half a push up. I had to stop and almost pass out after a 50 meter jog and I couldn’t do a squat unless it was to sit down and rest!

After almost 4 months I’ve lost 30 pounds, I can run a mile (even after my doctor told me I might not be able to run again due to a motorcycle accident), do push ups (straight and hand stand!), pull ups, burpees, etc… the 40’s are the new 20’s! I went down from a size 40 pant to a 34 and took off my shirt at the beach the other day for the first time in over 10 years.

I’m half way there – but I know that my family and the CFEO team will continue to support and help me to achieve my goals. The atmosphere in the box is amazing! It’s a big family that helps each other… no drama or egos… (although there’s a lot of laughing and spontaneous dancing by some of us!). The workout is not done until we’re all done and that’s encouraging. When I started all I wanted was to go 2 or 3 times a week, but from week 1 I’ve been going minimum 5 days a week… it’s very addictive!

Oh and by the way… I can tie my shoes again!”– Jorge C, CFEO Athlete

“I began working out at CrossFit East Orange in the middle of November, 2014. Skeptical of trying something brand new to me and scared of getting hurt, I put all that aside and decided to give it a try. My worries quickly disappeared as the coaches’ willingness to teach and focus on safety was immediately apparent. Through motivation from CFEO’s dedicated coaches as well as encouragement from the entire GOAT family, I have not only lost over 20 pounds (as of 4/1/15) while making visible muscle improvements, but I have also reached personal records in numerous Olympic weightlifting movements. I perform better at work and live an all-around happier, healthier lifestyle. I would recommend CrossFit to anyone that is thinking about it, especially CrossFit East Orange!”– Mike A., CFEO Athlete

“When I started, I could BARELY do a push-up. Ok, I couldn’t even do one. Picking up the bar was like asking me to lift an elephant. I was sore for the first couple weeks. But what keeps me coming back is that I get better and better each time, and the support and camaraderie is awesome. I’m no rock star, but I’m definitely stronger than I have ever been…inside and out.”– Vanessa R., CFEO Athlete
“I walked through the doors of CrossFit and met the most motivating trainers, Chris and Jenn. To me they are more than trainers. They challenge me everyday to push, to be my best, to give my all, and go beyond what I think is possible. They don’t give an ear to my excuses as to why I “can’t” do what they ask me to do, cause they know that I CAN! If I’m afraid to try, they give me time, they show me how. And, if I have a goal, they help me take the proper steps to get there. There’s so many things I could not do a year ago, and today I can. They encourage me in the gym, and in my life. They are a wealth of knowledge not only about weights and proper form but also about nutrition. CrossFit is me, it could be ANYONE! You don’t have to be in shape, all you have to do is try. Chris and Jenn believed in me, until I believed in myself. CrossFit, is mental, physical, and emotional. It is not just another workout. It’s life changing, and I’m a better, healthier person today than ever before, thanks to CrossFit, and my trainers.” – Valerie J., CFEO Athlete


CFEO is not only focused on coaching athletes inside the gym – but we coach our athletes on their nutrition outside of the gym as well. This is an ongoing process, as we know that there is more to well-rounded health than just exercising and nutrition plays a huge role in our everyday lives. Throughout the year, CFEO runs free nutritional seminars for members to educate each athlete on the proper way to fuel their bodies.

We also host quarterly nutrition challenges to light the fire some people need to get on the right track. We meet with athletes one-on-one to discuss their current habits and create custom balanced macro-nutrient plans for each athlete tailored toward their body type and goals.

Here is what some of the athletes have to say regarding their experience:

This have been the jump start I was looking for!! In less than a week of starting the challenge my energy went straight up. At week 4, I have loss around 9.5 pounds, couple inches of waist, arms and thighs. I will continue with the program as is for maybe 1 or 2 more weeks and then I will make changes to it (I will start going more frequently to the gym so I guess my calorie intake will increase but I will consult with you guys at that moment). Thank you for the coaching and support. – Tony F., CFEO Athlete
“This challenge has helped me to turn the corner on this journey to become healthier and stronger. It has taught me so many lesson it is hard for me to describe. So I will start with the facts, I have lost a total of 15.6lbs, 5 inches from my waist, 3 inches from my butt and down a size in jeans. Which is all great but what really matters to me is how I changed mentally and emotionally. I have more energy I no longer have the afternoon crash. My mind seems more alert and clear. I am stronger mentally than I think. I resisted all the temptations that was put in front of me and there was a lot!! I didn’t give up and when I had stressful days I didn’t turn to food as my reward or punishment. I become conscious of the food that I am putting in my mouth. I rediscovered my love for cooking and for trying new foods. I am meeting my current goals and setting up new ones that were only a fleeting wishful thought, and at times felt so out of reach, like showing up to workout that has the word mile in it and running it in 14 minutes. But what I am most excited about is for the first time I feel in control of my health and ultimately my life. Thanks Jenn Hall for all your support, all the amazing menus, and for answering all the panicked Facebook messages.” – Sarah P., CFEO Athlete

“Overall the last three weeks have taught me so much! The first week was definitely the hardest. My body went through so much internally and externally. My skin was breaking out, pushing all the bad things out of my body. I was crankier than usual and super hungry! After that hump, week two was much easier, getting used to the diet and I felt 100 times better. I woke up feeling energetic vs. always being sluggish and having difficulty getting out of bed. Week three came up so fast I couldn’t believe it! Cravings weren’t as bad and sweets didn’t sound as good anymore. My body was already used to everything that was incorporated in the diet. I probably noticed the most change in my body in the first week! I toned down tremendously. After the challenge, tasting sweets again was not the same! It doesn’t settle as well anymore and definitely is not as enjoyable. This challenge opened my eyes to a better way of living and I will definitely hold on to these habits.” -Aranya, CFEO Athlete
“The past three weeks were LIFE CHANGING!! I feel so good! I am losing weight and inches (14 inches, 4 from my waist!) without really trying.. It’s been so ridiculously easy & I get to have muffins.Doing this challenge has changed me. It is not over, this is my life now. I feel really solid in my workouts now and it is because of this and my hard work and hatch ;). I’m recovering from work outs so quickly now, I am not so sore anymore. Thanks Jenn, you and Chris the day I met you was one of the best days ever… Glad I left 2 gyms to follow you, haha!” – Val J., CFEO Athlete
“This challenge has been the best thing I have ever done. I have been paleo-ish for close to 5 years now, but this challenge was the first time I have seriously looked at and thought about what I was eating. I have noticed changes in my body that I never thought possible and I am feeling the direct consequences of both good and bad food choices. My goal is to maintain an 80/20 Paleo lifestyle and continue to watch out for sugar. Thank you Jenn for pushing me to do this in the first place and for all the helpful information.” -Robin E., CFEO Athlete

“Before this challenge, I was stuck in a washing machine of good eating days and poor eating days that continued longer than I wanted it too, just like my waist size. I would lose a couple pounds, only to gain them right back. I became unmotivated with school, did not want to work out, and I was homesick. Over the 21 days, I lost 7.2lbs, 6 inches overall (1.5 from my waist)!!! More importantly, I have more energy, I am more motivated and productive and I have developed a better relationship between myself and food. The support from my husband and Jenn was the key to my success. I feel enlighted, empowered and like I finally have control of my life again. This 3 weeks has been absolutely life changing and I am excited to keep this lifestyle going!” – Britt M.
“This challenge has been an amazing teaching tool for preparing meals and following recipes for incredible meals that are healthy. I’ve learned to plan, plan, plan ahead to make the smartest choice possible for all meals with the desire to want to plan and eat clean because I feel amazing… More energy, feeling more solid, less bloated and “heavy,” fitting into clothes that have been hiding in the back of my closet, loosing my pooch belly ha so much more productive and realizing how much I LOVE wine and might need to scale my intake a bit haha!!! Thank you Jen for such an inspiring challenge and your guidance to keep us accountable!!!” – Amanda G., CFEO Athlete
“I’ve lost 3lbs and 1 1/2″ from my waist. I’ll take it! I learned that I can make food choices for ME and not what people want me to eat, such as giving in to eating dessert just because other people are. I also learned to read food labels differently which was very eye opening!! I will definitely incorporate what I’ve learned into my lifestyle in a way that works for me! Thanks to Jenn for the guidance and meal plan!! That was certainly the key to success.” -Amy M., CFEO Athlete
“The past few weeks have given me one of the things I’ve wanted most and that’s energy…..real, sustainable energy. I used to feel so groggy during the day which sucks because it makes me not want to do anything. I’ve also gotten a better understanding of how to look at food and to understand what’s in it. That knowledge is something I’ll continue with to complete some personal goals.”– Jason L., CFEO Athlete
“Knowledge is power and the past three weeks I have become strong. I am excited to make this a lifestyle change. Healthy eating does not mean unsatisfying bland meals – it means exploring and introducing myself and my family to great things. Not only did I complete this challenge but I gained the knowledge and confidence to continue. I am no longer tired all day. I no longer have the cravings to go on sugar binges. I want to do something physical. I eat dinner with my family and actually engage in conversation. I did not take measurements or pictures before starting this challenge because this was not about a physical changing for me; it was mental, knowledge, confidence, and desire. I achieved my goals and way more. I appreciate, honor, and respect Jenn for allowing us to learn from her.”-Heather L., CFEO Athlete
“I will say that after losing 10.8 pounds and being able to do a normal, complete burpee along with the running being 10x easier for me is what matters the most, I’m going to keep the macros going and doing CrossFit and hopefully this will finally lead to epic weight loss and making me happier physically and mentally aligning with where I have always thought I was meant to be. This method of eating has given me control back and started me on losing the weight FOR GOOD – can’t thank you guys enough because I wouldn’t have tried this on my own but now I’m sticking to it! Can’t wait to see what the future brings.”– Amanda R., CFEO Athlete
“I had gotten some figures from a friend a while ago to do basically macros. I never even tried it, it was that daunting. I had given up, thinking my only option was strict paleo, which I couldn’t bring myself to go back to. It sounds stupid but this challenge gave me hope. I had a real moment during the nutrition seminar when you were talking about workouts sucking and lacking energy because THAT WAS ME, and all I could think was yes, yes this does suck. I wasn’t living. I was that person who CrossFitted for however long and never seemed to get much better or go any faster or even lose weight. This challenge gave me so much control, made me see how easy it could be, made me believe in myself and my abilities, and I can actually be proud of myself now.
I have learned so much about food and how I was eating before, this was a real eye opener. I didn’t realize someone of my size could be under eating, but technically I was. At least nutritionally. This has been huge, improvements so noticeable to me especially in how I feel, physically and mentally. This gave me back the control I needed to move forward and have goals again. I have so many dreams, most notably the Wild Africa Trek that I have never done. There’s a weight limit that has stopped me. I now have hope that I will be able to do it, hopefully within the next six months or so. This has given me more than I hoped for.
It’s been a very long time since I could say that. This is definitely a new lifestyle.
Thanks for doing this challenge…I had spoken to you before about this but was probably never going to buck up and do it on my own. This really pushed me into making the necessary changes. It helped me to learn and feel confident moving forward.” – Sarah R., CFEO Athlete